Matilda Ledger's Guardian Angels

The late Heath Ledger's daughter Matilda was spotted skipping along the streets of NYC yesterday with her mom Michelle Williams in the cutest pink sundress. Every time I see a photo of the 2-year-old I can't believe how much she looks like her dad. He definitely lives on through her.

As most of you probably know, Heath was filming Terry Gilliam's "The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus" at the time of his death. Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Farrell stepped in to complete Heath's role, playing different versions of his character "Tim."

When the three actors learned that Ledger's will had not been updated to include his daughter, the generous trio decided to donate all the money they earned from the film to little Matilda!

It's good to know that there are a few nice guys in Hollywood.


Wow. This makes me love my loves all the more <3
jumping around [by] phaust_


There's something about LJ that makes me want to type down stuff without having to worry so much about content and whatnot. Maybe because I've started here and been here before, and actually developed my skills(?) in writing here.

Maybe it's just psychological, I don't know. But the way my update page looks, it feels like home for me. It's like nothing much is expected out of me except to put my words out there and just let my LJ friends decide whether they actually want to say something about that piece or not.

I'll be actually making another blog site soon (like I've never done that before :P). This time though, just to cheat my way through putting some entry in it, I might have to type and edit (and maybe even post) my entries here before I'll decide to post them to the new blog.

Sigh... Really have to admit. This will always be my home blog :)

And to all my LJ friends around the world, I kinda miss you guys :)
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digging up [by] phaust_


Thanks to your opinion, I will no longer be uploading the scandalous pictures that had to do with the "Edison Chen Sex Scandal".

But Edison, if you're reading this, seriously dude! Anyway, you probably feel so bad already, so no more sermons. We just want to give the girls involved a real warm hug.

writing down [by] phaust_

Writer's Block: Public Transit Nightmare

What has been your worst experience on public transit?

Wow, how timing this question is since I was deliberating yesterday whether or not I should post this.

But anyway, the worst would have to be what transpired yesterday. Worst so far.

I was boarding on this jeepney while I had a handful of bags on my arm and hands. Since it was really apparent that I was having a hard time, a nice, fine looking chubby man at the end row helped me with one of the bags by holding it for me to let me sit down beside him. I gladly gave him the bag (it was too impossible for him to run away with it anyway since he's holding a package of his own) and thanked him. When I sat down, I took it and thanked him again.

On the way to the office, now aboard that jeep, even though he moved some seats apart, I noticed him looking, or maybe staring, at me. Yeah, the nice man. Humbly speaking though, I do lately get looks and stares from some other guys but I usually feign ignorance when they do as I don't want to be too sure of these things and make these thoughts swell my head even more. Anyway, so as what I do to every one else, I ignored him and acted as though I didn't know he was looking. So nothing to it. Later, I ended up napping a little in the jeepney.

In the middle of the trip, while half-awake, I felt someone's arm somewhere at my back, resting on the metal part of the jeep. Since I was not sure, I tried pressing my back on to the metal. I thought right after doing so because an arm was actually on the metal. I looked and realized that that guy already moved back to his original seat, which was beside mine. With all the stuff that is resting on my lap, I tried with futility to move myself forward because of all the things I don't like while riding a jeepney is a guy's arm resting on a jeep's metal body, placed somewhere behind my back. This is because it looks as though that guy who's resting his arm will look like as though he wants to put his hands around my shoulder. That kind of thing. Anyway, a little nothing to it again since maybe he did want to rest his arm for a moment. AND I WAS REALLY F*CKIN' SLEEPY so I resumed my deep sleep.

A quarter to the trip, I suddenly awoke as I finally felt a hand on my shoulder. But since I came from a deep sleep, again, I wasn't sure. Maybe it was just the warm metal front part of the jeep that I felt. This time though, I was wary of whoever it was that was trying to hold me. Though, for the life of me now, I couldn't remember if it was still the culprit I had in mind as I was really sleepy and he was 2 or 3 seats apart, I think. Anyway, this time, coming from a daze, I tried my best to be awake.

So finally, I reached the building of our office. So I tried to go down the jeep with all the stuff on my hands. While I was going out of the jeep, I felt a hand reaching and crumpling the lower part of my skirt (Thank God, it didn't touch my crotch part). It happened somewhere where the box was, the box which the guy was holding, the guy who tried to help me out earlier. So I knew it was him who did it. I went down the jeepney with this full shock on my face. Then I turned around and looked back at the jeep with this utter disbelief plastered in my face. Even though I looked, I can't see him as I was really still in a daze. Combine that with shock, so I really didn't know who I was looking for.

When I went up my office, still with that look on my face, the front desk officer looked at me and asked what was wrong. I told her what happened. And even told her that I wasn't even sure if there was really a hand that tried to grab my skirt since I was thinking that maybe it was just a box that swept my skirt away.

In the end, all I have to say is that the moral lesson of this story is: Always Get a Good Sleep.

So that things like this, or something worse, will not happen to you.

Gad! How sick and sad this story is!!!

Saudi Kidnap, Rape Victim Faces Lashing for 'Crime' of Being Alone With Man Not Related to Her

A 19-year-old Saudi woman who was kidnapped, beaten and gang raped by seven men who then took photos of their victim and threatened to kill her, was sentenced under the country's Islamic-based law to 90 lashes for the "crime" of being alone with a man not related to her.

The woman is appealing to Saudi King Abdullah to intervene in the controversial case.

"I ask the king to consider me as one of his own daughters and have mercy on me and set me free from the 90 lashes," the woman said in an emotional interview published Monday in the Saudi Gazette.

"I was shocked at the verdict. I couldn't believe my ears. Ninety lashes! Ninety lashes!" the woman, identified only as "G," told the English-language newspaper.

Five months after the harsh judgment, her sentence has yet to be carried out, "G" said she waits in fear every day for the phone call telling her to submit to authorities to carry out her punishment.

Lashes are usually spread over several days. About 50 lashes are given at a time.

The woman's ordeal began a year ago when she was blackmailed into meeting a man who threatened to tell her family they were having a relationship outside wedlock, which is illegal in the desert kingdom, according to a report in The Scotsman newspaper.

She met the man at a shopping mall and, after driving off together, the blackmailer's car was stopped by two other cars bearing men wielding knives and meat cleavers.

During the next three hours, the woman was raped 14 times by her seven captors.

One of the men took pictures of her naked with his mobile phone and threatened to blackmail her with them.

Back at home in a town near the eastern city of Qatif, the young woman did not tell her family of her ordeal. Nor did she inform the authorities, fearing the rapist would circulate the pictures of her naked. She also attempted suicide.

Five of the rapists were arrested and given jail terms ranging from 10 months to five years. The prosecutor had asked for the death penalty for the men.

The Saudi justice ministry, however, said rape could not be proved because there were no witnesses and the men had recanted confessions they made during interrogation.

The judges, basing their decision on Islamic law, also decided to sentence the woman and her original blackmailer to lashes for being alone together in his car.


You know what's worse? Because she pleaded out from the 90 lashes, she got 200 lashes instead!!! Like WTF right? Ikaw na nga blinackmail at pinicturan, ikaw pa ang paparusahan, t*ng-'na naman oh!!! Asar!!! (You get to be blackmailed and pictured in compromising positions, then you'll get punished for it, f*cking 'tards!!! I'm pissed like sh*t!!!). I bet their Allah is more loving than that!

Sigh mahn. One out of a million stories that are disheartening because of way old, bad traditions.

This probably won't take me 5 minutes...

Time Check: 6:45 pm.

So while waiting for the Easy Duplicate Finder to do it's job in my office's laptop, I decided to post up something new here again since 1. I've got nothing else to do (despite of the fact that there heaps of paper sitting right infront of me) 2. It feels like the year is this close in coming to an end.

So what interesting thing can I possibly conjure up here?

Well, this year has been pretty much interesting (yet again. Damn, I always say that every year, don't I?). Well, it's interesting to a point where I've got, finally, the unusual ups and downs in life, the type that everyone always seem to hear but ingest to a denial, not unless these things hit them right smack in the face. So yes, I still act childlike, to a fault.

Who am I kidding? It's 6:54. It usually takes me an hour before I finally put up a lengthy entry. Well, I just thought this wouldn't be.

God, I'm so random. Wait, seriously, I had my thoughts in check awhile ago...

Oh yes too, I still don't have a love of my life I can cuddle up with. It's like I know what I'm doing wrong but I don't. Or maybe it's just that I don't want to really sit down and type them all in. That will be for my other journal, hehe.

Man, long were the days when my entries seem to be comprehensive huh? It's weird though, any one lengthy entry of mine is comprehensive only when I'm half-sane. Meaning, only when I'm really sleepy or drunk.

And... I just got out of the board room, out of a meeting with our board of trustees here in our own chamber. Mah god, haha.

Okay, sorry, I've just wasted your time. I'll stop blabbering.

Thanks for reading, hehe.

Time Check: 7:27 pm
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Oh great... =P

Apparently, on my 'Ken Chu' hiatus, I missed seeing these two videos

Ke Shi Wo/But I MV

Hei Bai/Black and White MV

Hmmm... Would've been better if it was made in Black and White. Oh well.

Okay, seriously, it's not a good time for me to have my F4 fix again. Stupid Vic Chou. It's because of his hair cut that brought me back here :P

Okay, concentrate. House, House, House, House, House. Your fix for these months to come is still House =P

*rolls eyes* I'm such a fan girl.